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New for 2020

Accountability & Support Packages

Straight up some need more support and accountability than others. Do you need weekly check in to keep you focused and motivated? Do you need a question answered by email that will support your daily habits and behaviors? Or maybe you just want to be called out on your bull s@i^ so you do what you say you you are going to do. Either way, your accountability and support package gives you a coach to check in to when outside of your workouts


Listen, our daily dose of entertaining workouts are centred around the fitness components of boxing. Yes, cause you don’t really see FAT boxers right (ok maybe them big heavyweights lol)
All joking aside the workouts are designed to burn the most calories in the least time so invariably you get a lot of satisfaction and stress relief from hitting something. Don’t worry though our TRIBE are great at welcoming newcomers and are even keen to help you hold the pads or throw your punches.

School Term Sanity S.G.B.T

Now we get that big groups may not be your thing and paying £60-£70 per hour for a personal trainer is our of reach for a lot of people. What if we told you that you get the same personalised service working out 3 times a week in small groups of 4 people at 50% of the cost, would that get you motivated? Now as you can imagine places on our small group training programme are limited and go like a hot potato so if you are really keen to go down this route its by application only so get clicking below to grab your 3-month pass.

Personal Training

Some call this personal training but we call it personal torture as their no one to share the load with. Honestly, though our 12 Week Personal Training Packages are designed around your needs and your goals. The biggest difference with this package is the accountability and support you get throughout your 12 weeks to get you the results that you pay for.


Listen, we get that starting a new health and fitness programme can be daunting. We’re that confident in what we do and even more confident you’ll love what we do if you’re willing to give us a go.

But listen if for some reason we’re not the right FIT and you not hooked on what we do within the first 30 days, then we’ll happily shake your hand, wish you well and give you a FULL REFUND.