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I can honestly say that The Rock is a place like no other! I started going 2 and a half years ago when I was trying to lose weight and was very self-conscious... from the moment I stepped into The Rock the encouragement and support I got from Tommy and Craig got me hooked. I managed to lose 4 and a half stone, and I still train 5 times a week! I have made amazing friendships and all of the group training sessions are filled with friendly, encouraging people. I would never have believed that exercise could be so much fun... but I still look forward to training every day!

Tor Mitchell-Stirrup // Team Manager // Government of Jersey
Age: 48

After a number of years of not doing much apart from the odd walk I needed to have a regular exercise routine back in my life and get the no longer called baby weight shifted! the one thing about The Rock is that you're welcomed from the very first day you arrive! I just wanted to lose the weight gained from having two kids and start feeling fit and healthy again, it was very easy to come home from work and enjoy the lethargic lifestyle. At The Rock you're able to train and nobody cares what you look like it's about you as a person and it's a great feeling to be part of a group team and if you're having a bad day then you can be guaranteed that when you leave after a session those negative thoughts have been put to the back of the punchbag! My confidence has grown, my shape has changed and I generally feel more positive about the way I look and feel, although I still hate having a photo taken!

Helen Racjan // School Administrator // Trinity School
Age: 43

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I had lost all motivation for my health and life in general was a challenge. My mental and physical wellbeing was suffering and I needed something to manage all my emotions and stress, build my self-confidence, self-worth and have a focus. I spoke to Craig and Tommy and they urged me to come along to The Rock Fitness. I wanted to feel energised and driven to be healthy again in both body and mind. Also to lose weight and get fit to improve my self-esteem and self-confidence.

Equally, I wanted to meet new people and enjoy exercising in a fun and friendly environment. The Rock is like no other gym I have ever experienced. For one, it's encouraged and enabled me to be the most committed I have ever been to getting fit, staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have never been a morning person and I get up and look forward to the sessions at 6am! That is mainly due to the fantastic and varied sessions Craig, Tommy and Emma provide. Their enthusiasm and encouragement is amazing. Also being introduced to a community of fantastic, fitness-oriented people where the camaraderie, banter and encouragement is second to none. Amazing.....I've been coming approximately 4 months and have lost approximately 14kg and am fitter than I've ever been. More importantly my mental wellbeing has improved. It gives me that spirit and confidence to deal with life situations and my self-confidence and self-esteem has improved so much since coming to The Rock.

CHRIS SMITH // Firefighter // States of Jersey Fire & Rescue Service
Age: 43

I was fed up with working through my lunches due to pressure at work, and made a commitment at the start of 2018 to take my lunch break every day. I had tried a few things to get me out of the office, and the Rock was the last thing I tried. And it stuck its more of a family than a training team, you look after eachother and help everyone to achieve in the classes, there are very few egos and the ones that are there, soon get used to the way things are.

General fitness has increased, and I have commited to some runs, challenges etc I wouldnt have every thought about before.

Andrew Cleave // Director // Henderson Green Partnership

My motivation was zero, travelling blues kicked in and the thought of going back to work killed me. I needed something to help me overcome a very low time that I was experiencing, I had a long hard think over what I was going to do and eager before to try boxing, I thought I would challenge myself and take myself out my comfort zone. Next day I messaged Craig and got myself in. I was in a very low place, I wasn’t sleeping well, my attitude to life was so negative and I needed something to snap me out of it, since starting boxing as frustrated as I was in life, boxing being frustrating also, for someone whose used to using there feet to kick a ball and then has to use there hands to punch, I can’t even tell you how amazing you feel once you’ve done your first session and then how you feel 3 months in and have this focused way of channelling any stresses, anger and worry. Nowhere else matters. It’s here at The Rock, Ive learnt the effect that boxing has to make you feel more physically capable, I can already see and feel the difference and I couldn’t thank Craig, Tommy, Emma and everyone that I have met at The Rock who has made me feel comfortable and welcome since joining. Motivating yourself to exercise alone can be difficult, these group sessions is a great motivator with supportive trainers and encouraging members it’s a great way to work through any negative feelings and overcome them. There’s nothing that has given me more motivation than boxing! I already look forward to the next class when one finishes (even when the session is a killer)

Eve Watson // Teaching assistant // De La Salle School

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