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New Year New Year Bull@^t

Before you read this blog post ask yourself have you done this or said this to yourself? 

  1. This year is going to be my year
  2. I am going to get FIT and LOSE weight
  3. I am going to stop drinking
  4. I am going to be healthy

If your laughing I know why because we all know how your NEW YEAR NEW YOU ended up, Same way as mine when I did this in my younger years. 

I can categorically tell you now 

NEW YEAR NEW YOU is a load of BULLs@^t, and here is why 

Your GOALS don’t have a start or end date
You’re going to get FIT in 2020…really? For 364 days? I don’t think so. Do you honestly know how long it takes to get fit and become healthy? So now we’re getting somewhere and planting some seeds for what is to follow. 

You don’t have a WHY
Exercising consistently and eating healthy consistently can get tiring no matter how good it makes you feel. Establishing your WHY will help keep you focused when you have them little periods when you can’t be A@S*D.  

You probably have don’t have the TOOLS to reach your GOALS
Don’t take this the wrong way but if you don’t have the right mindset then health and fitness may not seem appealing. Ask yourself what happens when you get stressed? What happens when things crop up and get in the way and what impact does it have on you being healthy and active. Your ability to deal with life’s daily pressures is critical to remaining focuses to set out what you say you’re going to do. 

You don’t have anyone to hold you to account for your GOALS
Creating ideas in your head is one thing but writing them down and asking someone to hold you to account for what you said you will do is another thing. Will you invest in a fitness program, nutritionist or just put it out there on social media what you are going to do? 

So with all that said here is my HOT advice as we approach 2020 

Work from 1st Jan to end of March
Write down realistic goals or targets you want to hit in 90 days
Write down why these goals are IMPORTANT to you? What does it mean if you hit your goal and what impact does it have on people close to you.
Set 30, 60 & 90 Day benchmarks so you know you are on TRACK to hit your GOALS
Get your loved ones on board…you are going to need support
Learn how to deal with STRESS with meditation. Stress will never go away so learn how you can manage it better
If you can invest in someone to help you hit your targets. Going it alone can be a long dark journey 

So here is to your health and happiness in 2020. Feel free to reply share my blog post or get back to me you have any questions. 

Craig Culkin 


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