Fitness All-Inclusive WTF??

Limited Monthly Spaces available

Seen as your on this page we take it your CURIOUS. You have heard of the Rock Fitness and our SHIT HOT ENTERTAINING workouts and your keen to find out more

We get that you don’t like GYMS and that’s why your ON THIS PAGE. So here is your CHANCE to come and TRY what you’re hearing about 

You won’t get the sunshine but you will FEEL recharged and fitter after our 14-Day All-Inclusive kick up the arse. We all need a helping hand especially when it comes to your health and fitness and that’s why are ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE 14 DAY kick up the arse is designed to kickstart your body but also your MINDSET

Here’s the deal to help you RECHARGE and give you the kick up the A@S^ you need

Our 14-Day ALL-INCLUSIVE kick up the ARSE includes:

  • Free before and after strategy sessions
  • Unlimited access to our daily dose of entertaining workouts.
  • 14-daily check-ins to help support you through your journey
  • Our branded health app at the tip of your fingers to track your daily habits and wins
  • A nutritional framework to help you eat the foods that will help lose the timber
  • Access to our studio outside of our group training
  • 1 Personal 1to1 training workout so you learn how to hold pads and throw basic punches

Total Value: £150

Intro Price: £40


Limited Monthly Spaces available

We know what your thinking so let us explain why our 14 Day trial is so cheap.

We know there is a lot of choices out there on our little Rock.

Now imagine walking into a FITNESS STUDIO and being called and welcomed by your name. Then you notice that people don’t give a SHIT how they look and you don’t feel judged.

We want the chance to earn your TRUST and build a relationship beyond your TRIAL PERIOD ...PERIOD.

If we can get you to our SANCTUARY to experience the banter and vibe of our daily entertaining workouts we know you will change your OPINION on health and fitness, and working out 



In all honesty, we GIVE a SHIT and our strapline of SWEAR SWEAT SMILE

Is ingrained in every workout we deliver. We take the intimidation associated with joining a gym to give you a soft and smooth transition back into exercise and health.


We’re that confident in what we do that if you’re NOT SATISFIED with your 14 Day All Inclusive Kick up the Arse we’ll give you your money back and pay for your 1st month at another fitness establishment (value £50)

If you’re still not sure and feel a bit nervous then feel free to request a little call

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