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Holly’s Story to losing 3 Stone


Holly Oughton



When did you join the Rock Fitness?

August 2019

Go back to just before you started, What was the real reason you signed up?

I had been living in jersey for a month or so, hadn’t made any friends, was running outside but felt I needed to join a gym. I knew I was bigger than I’d ever been but I was lost in what I wanted to do. Just joining a gym I felt didn’t make sense when I could run outside and work out on the beach. I signed up to a week trial at soulgenic. My first session was boxing at the rock... I loved it instantly I felt so buzzed after it. I did 2 sessions at the rock that week and compared it to the boxing/ classes at soulgenic. The boxing at the rock is what I was craving to go back to do... so I signed up. I didn’t intentionally do it to loose weight but I wanted a hobby something to work toward and boxing was perfect for that.

Can you recall how you felt about or in your self before you started?

Looking back now I realised I was super unhappy with my body. I never wanted pictures taken of me . This was not like I used to be. I was lazy. I grew up doing sport training 24/7 swimming so this wasn’t like me looking back. Ive always been committed to sport.

What specific goal did you have when you started and why was this important to you?

Initially it was to find a hobby i would enjoy doing everyday, and training hard. Also to make some friends on the island.

When I enjoy a sport I’m the best version of me in every aspect of my life.

How do you feel when you now miss your DAILY DOSE or workouts at The Rock?

With my job I have to be in UK one week each month. I’m so on edge that week missing the gym. I time my flights so I can get back or do a class before I fly!

I have done a session before ate dinner in the car and gone on the plane sweaty!

How does your experience at the Rock differ from anywhere else you tried in the past?

It’s hard to explain but it’s a really great community!
Tommy is fantastic and so personable!
The other members are also really friendly and normal it’s so nice to be at a gym which isn’t silent and all for show.
I have brought friends visiting me to classes and they all get it when they come. They always say “I get why you love it so much”

What results have you seen you started coming to the Rock?

I’ve lost 15kg since starting.
I’m 2 dress sizes smaller.
I’m so much more confident!
And I’ve improved at boxing.

What challenges do you still face when it comes to keeping fit and being healthy?

Portion control. My partner is an athlete and eats A LOT! So I need to make sure I understand I can’t also eat that amount! So I calorie count on my fitness pal... however I kind of know now portion sizes and use it less.

What have you enjoyed most about your time training at The Rock Fitness? 

I would say I enjoyed the mix of workouts some being boxing some cardio some weights .... some weeks it’s good at mixing it some it can be just boxing.... but I also enjoy the unknown and challenges on the day.

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