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When is the official weigh in?

The official weigh in will be held in the Royal Yacht on Friday 29th October at 6.30pm. Admission is FREE. Please follow the Royal Yacht's track and trace procedures. 

What time do we need to arrive for?

We ask guests to arrive at 5.00pm sharp.

What is the dress code?

Please be advised dress code is strictly Black Tie

Can we park our car at the R.J.S

You are able to park at the Royal Jersey Showground for the duration of the event but are not permitted to leave your cars overnight.

What time is the food served?

The food will be served at 6.20pm. If for any reason you are unable to make the sitting please contact us and we will arrange for your food to be served as soon as you arrive. 

What if I am running late?

Please contact us if you will be running late so we can let our food supplier know your arrival time. 

When will we receive our official tickets?

Tickets will be issued directly through participants and lead table organisers 7 days prior to the event. Please contact us if you are unsure who your lead table name is. 

What time is the 1st fight?

The 1st fight of the evening is planned to start at approximately 8.15pm

What time does the last fight finish?

The last fight will be on approximately 11.00/11.15pm

What are the meal options?

Please click on the food and drink tab above to see what the meal options are in the evening. Orders will be collected from your head of table contact who will then submit the whole table food requirements to us.

Is there transport provided to and from the event?

Please be advised we do not arrange transport for guests to and from the facility. We strongly recommend if you are organising Taxi's to arrange pick up between 11.30-12.00am. 

Will the bar be by card only or should we bring cash?

You will be able to pay for drinks by card on the evening. We strongly recommend you bring cash as we do occasionally have transmission issues with our card terminal at the venue. 

What time does the event finish?

The last fight will finish approximately 11.30pm and we ask guests to be out of the venue for midnight. 

Do I have to provide a negative COVID test to attend?

We recommend guests are doubly vaccinated but we will not be asking for proof of vaccination status. 

Do we need to wear face masks?

We recommend guests wear face-masks on entry and congested areas such as the toilets and bar but agin this is not mandatory.  

Will social distancing be in place?

We have reduced our capacity to increase the space between tables and will have limited numbers able to use toilets at any one time.  

Will we need to check in for the Venue for track and trace?

We will require contact details for each individual entering the venue. This information will be collected from the lead table organiser and given to us ahead of your arrrival where your personal information will be checked along with your ticket for entry. 

Will there be adequate hand sanitising stations?

Hand sanitising stations will be positioned and marked around the arena.  

Will the toilets be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals?

The toilets will be monitored, checked and disinfected regularly to ensure these areas are clean and safe.

Will I need to prove that I have been doubly vaccinated to attend?

No, we will only be asking for your name, telephone number for the purposes of contact tracing. 

Can I attend if I am feeling unwell?

If you are showing any symptoms related to COVID-19 prior to attending the event we urge you to call the helpline on 0800 735 5566.

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