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Start Jersey’s Only Proven Boxing Challenge to Lift Your Rocks

Start lifting and shifting your rocks. Learn to refocus, retarget and regain your life back today!

Change your habits, lift your rocks and transform yourself - Jersey’s only guaranteed programme that has helped hundreds of men and women smash through their mental and physical barriers.

Shit Hot Boxing Workouts

Our workouts are designed to get you punching, sweating and burning as many calories as we can in the shortest amount of time.

  • Induction session to get you confident throwing some basic punches and holding the pads
  • Unlimited access to our group boxing workouts
  • Access to use our fully equipped studio outside of your sessions

Track Your Habits

Our coaching app will connect to your MyFitnessPal and Fit Bit so we get a real time dashboard of your health metrics.

  • Daily prompts to nudge you to do what you say you are going to do
  • Accountability scorecard to track your daily wins
  • Nutritious recipes a button away on our app

Confidence and Care

We give a s@i* about getting you results. That’s why throughout the course of your 28 days, you’ll get:

  • Daily contact from us
  • Weekly review check ins to
  • Instant SMS/Email support whenever you need it

Retarget, Refocus and Regain Yourself

How It Works


What Is the Rock and Who Are You?

Retarget: We want you to hit the ground running and make sure you are a right fit for us and vice versa. This short form will gauge your commitment to overhalthing your health and your waistline.


Lets Talk:

Refocus: After completing your short questionnaire one of our success coaches will call to discuss your questionnaire. On the call we will discuss your goals in more detail and offer you a place on our challenge.


Lets Understand What’s Needed

Regain: Let's make a plan that we can stick to and develop a strategy to regain what you’ve lost.


Challenge Accepted: START

Win, Win, Win: At the end of our consultation we will have a plan, be ready to execute - we will ask that you make a decision to commit to retargeting, refocusing and regaining yourself back. 

Are You Ready to Become Our Next Success Story?

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Questions We Get Asked

Who is this programme for?

Our 3 rocks programme is designed specifically for those that are:

  • Annoyed of how their body has changed over the years
  • Those that are sick of seeing that person in the mirror
  • Anyone who has had a clear goal in the past but lost focus of that dream
  • For anyone who keeps saying tomorrow is another day
  • Those that don't have a clear goal but know they need to do something
  •  Anyone who wakes up with those aches and pains that weren't there before 
  • Those that know what to do, but really cannot be bothered 

How do we book in for the workouts? So what’s included?

  1. 1
    Access to an awesome group of clients in the same situation as you
  2. 2
    Choice of workouts that you can do regardless of your current fitness level
  3. 3
    Access to ‘The Rock’s’ app that allows you to instantly access support
  4. 4
     An awesome like minded community that will inspire and motivate you to smash your goals
  5. 5
    Nutritional framework that means the guess work is something of the past
  6. 6
    Accountability through meal and exercise reviews (that's right we want you to own your meals and share what you’ve cooked)
  7. 7
    Habit tracking scorecard so you can assess how your doing on a daily basis
  8. 8
    Motivation that comes in spades from coaches that care about you doing well

How much is the 28 Day 3 Rocks Challenge? 

The cost of your 3 Rocks Challenge is £185.00


Do we need boxing gloves? 

Short answer is YES. We also ask you to have PADS as well. Please check out our store where you can purchase your Gloves and Pads.  


Can I just turn up to any workout? 

Once you have completed your initial consultation and agreed a start date you will then be able to book in to any workout on the app and rock up 5 minutes prior to the class starting. 


How do I download The Rock Fitness Booking App? 

To download our Booking App simply click on one of the APP links at the bottom of this page. 


Where is the Rock fitness?

The Rock Fitness is on Le Breton Lane on the outskirts of Town. We are just off St. James Street by the Admiral Pub. 

Is there any parking close to The Rock Fitness? 

No, but there is pay and display parking on Grosvenor Street and Clarence Road. We are also a few minutes walk from Snow Hill and Green Street Car Parks. 


What equipment do I need? 

We ask that you have

- Boxing Gloves 

- Pads 

- Water 

- Towel


Are there showers at The Rock Fitness? 

Yes, we have shower facilities which you can use in the studio. 


How many workouts do I need to attend each week? 

We encourage you to get to as many workouts as you can to feel the benefits and get the best results you possible can.  


What is the induction sesion and do I need to do it? 

We encourage you to get to do a 20 minute induction programme prior to starting the programme to get you comfortable and confident holding and striking the pads. 


What is the Nutrition Group? 

We create a PRIVATE community group on MyFitnesPal. After setting you up to use the app we then ask you to log your food and drink so we can support you outside of our training environment. 


What does the 3 Rocks Challenge Nutrition include?

We have a PRIVATE FB Group which contains meal plans, food choices, snack guides to take the guessing out what you need to eat and drink to fuel you whilst losing the Ibs 


Is the challenge for 28 consecutive days?

Your 3 Rocks Challenge start run for 28 Consecutive days from an agreed Monday you schedule after you join the programme. 


What happens at the end of the challenge?

Can we level with you. 80% of our people that commit to their 3 Rocks REGAIN, RETARGET and REFOCUS, end up joining as members for 3 to 12 months. At your final consultation we'll discuss your options and next goal you wish to smash. 


What if I need additional support?

We can offer you 4 x additional 1to1 P.T sessions throughout your 3 Rocks Challenge for £120 to give you extra accountability and support. 


Get Started With Your 3 Rocks Challenge