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  • Emma Le M, The Rock Fitness Testimonials

    Over the last year or so, I've been going to weekly PT sessions with Craig and attending the boxing circuit/fitness classes at the weekend. It has got me back to a decent level of fitness since having my children.

    No session has been the same, which stops you from getting bored. And because you don't know what is coming next you keep working that little bit harder.

    When I got injured through netball, Craig adapted the sessions so I was able to continue training. He has also had to adapted a PT session when I forgot my trainers. There are no excuses for not training!

    Craig and Tommy are both fantastic trainers that make you work hard but still keep the sessions fun with some banter.

    Why not have a try, you might just enjoy it!

    Emma Le M
  • Liz B, The Rock Fitness Testimonials

    Great place , great workouts fun but hard work , love every minute there with Craig and the small group I train with 😃

    Liz B
  • Anne P, The Rock Fitness Testimonials

    First proper day back yesterday morning after the Christmas break. Training early with Craig. Cardio session. Loved it. Left feeling invigorated and full of beans.

    Anne P
  • Ursula C, The Rock Fitness Testimonials

    Great session and back tonight

    Ursula C
  • Dan Le T, The Rock Fitness Testimonials

    Second boxing session tonight and loved it! I'm new to boxing and the trainers are more than patient and on hand to help and guide all the time! Great place and nobody judges you because you are a starting out! AWESOME!!

    Dan Le T
  • Darren Q, The Rock Fitness Testimonials

    I had my first session today and I can just about move my arms but I loved every minute of it. Thanks guys.

    Darren Q
  • Keiron Q, The Rock Fitness Testimonials

    Great support, help and encouragement, really helps pushing that little bit extra... No matter how tiring and painful it gets

    Keiron Q
  • CJ B, The Rock Fitness Testimonials

    "Great stuff never no time to rest down here we get pushed to the test at its best"

    CJ B
  • Michelle H, The Rock Fitness Testimonials

    Been going 3rd week great way to start the day

    Michelle H


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