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Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement derived calculating a persons height divided by a persons weight. The (BMI) test validity has been put into question with regard to its reliability.

The test will predict a scoring upon only one mechanism involving height and weight. The test can be indicatory of health depending on the composition of the person. We do however see components such as muscle mass not taken into consideration.

The test is more reliable with subjects bearing an overweight frame the readings will become automatically more reliable, it must be said the subjects using this test must through some sort bear larger amounts of body fat for the scoring to read true.

Individuals of a muscular frame (mesomorph) may attain a higher BMI score reading but fortunately they maintain a healthier composition. The BMI test is a good test to use but it terms of its entire reliability it's better suited to a person of an overweight body composition.

The scoring of BMI is listed below;

18.5 Underweight - A scoring beneath 18.5 would be indicatory of a rather slender frame. Although some people possess a naturally low frame but lower score readings can lead to osteoporosis and poor posture integrity.

18.5 - 25.0 Normal - BMI in this area is classified as normal for a persons height and weight. The person may predispose higher levels of body fat or reduced levels also. In terms of this means of testing when participants are considered healthy further testing is needed to distinguish muscle mass and body fat ratios.

25.0 - 30.0 Overweight - This category is classified as being overweight. We must take into consideration subjects who possess with a larger muscular frame will score high even though they are not overweight.

30.0 - 35.0 Obese stage 1 - This stage is usually indicatory of a person who bears a frame bigger than it should be. The risk factor is drastically increased with disposition to threats such as cardiovascular disease and stroke.

35.0 - 40.0 Obese stage 2 - This area is indicatory of a very severe stage of obesity with people bearing a heavy frame. Health related illness is not only severely increased but the impact on the body will lead to wear and tear on the body's joints.

To calculate divide your Height in cm (example 1.83m) by your weight (example 72kg). Using the following application you can discover your BMI score.

Calculate Your BMI - Standard BMI Calculator - NIH







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