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Amounting studies have shown a considerable difference between commonly related disease between low and high income countries. The current trends have shown astoundingly the rate death in high income families is interrelated with gene mutated disease.

In comparison low income countries have been affected greatly by infectious disease accounting for the two most prevalent illness related deaths.

Figures released in 2015 have showcased the epidemical issues in low income countries, in terms of a given 100,000 population 80 deaths have been attributed by lower Respiratory tract disease, and an additional 55 deaths have been caused by Diarrhoeal disease.

The other factors comprised within low income related deaths are Strokes, Ischaemic Heart Disease and HIV/AIDS.

In higher income families the causes of death are mostly affiliated to genetically mutated hereditary disease. Heart Disease, Strokes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Dementia and Bronchus and lung cancers.

160 people in high income countries in a given 100,000 population are statically dying annually. Stroke and Alzheimer's disease also contribute to over at least 60 deaths annually in second and third place.

The NHS has embarked on the 100,000 Genome project which has embarked on an ambitious project to map out the genes predisposed to people dying, or currently at risk through both hereditary or nurtured environmental disease.

Prime Minister David Cameron drew attention to the need of clearing disparity to discover the cost to the NHS services within the UK.




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