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WOW ..... and what a good week it has been for the business! On Saturday we got recognised with the NPE UK & European client of the year award 2017 for outstanding growth in our business in the fitness industry. 

My name is on the award, but our Team of coaches Tommy Graham and Max Andrews deserve great credit and applause for all their hard work and efforts. I truly admire the passion they have helping people in their health and fitness quest.  

 In all honesty, the last 12 months have been challenging.

 Raising 3 baby girls with my wife Kirsty Culkin whilst trying to grow a business when often sleep deprived…..well yes you got it, it has been exhausting. My own health and fitness has suffered as a result but now I am ready to get back presenting the right image for my business and brand.

 Truth be told, this time last year I had a difficult decision to make.

 My former business partner wanted out of The Rock Fitness and was set to leave the Island.

I had to accept and respect this decision and make a decision for the sake of my business and family.

 It was a case of accept a sale of my business or buy my business partner out.

 The crux of todays blog is this.

Sometimes there is never a right time to do something weather this be in fitness or business.

 At that time 12 months ago, THE TIMING for buying my business partner out was awful.

 My twin girls in nursery full time

I had just completed our 3 month house renovation

and our 3rd baby girl came along


 But, I love the Rock Fitness Studio and have always dreamt of owning my own fitness business.

 I made the decision to buy my business partner out of the Rock Fitness and took the decision to invest in NPE who help fitness owners Drive long-term success and stability in their fitness business.

 It gave me assurance I was working with a company and coaches that knew would have my back, be there to support me and hold me to account.

 This is the first I have made public knowledge of what I have been doing behind the scenes of my business. It’s involved a lot of work and learning but slowly we are moving in the right direction. The team and I have just been acknowledged which is a nice touch.

 Here is the thing though. I see many people faced with choices and decisions when the timing is never right, especially when it comes to health, fitness and weight loss.

 You know it will require a financial commitment and you have to weigh up against your priority list. I often hear people say I need to lose weight before I get myself FIT?

 Really, lose weight before you GET FIT? Wow, how is that for timing lol.

 So my friend the world has a funny way of throwing things at us when the time is not quite right

 If losing weight and getting fit is something that is near the top of your list but the timing may not be right, then feel free to book your FREE STRATEGY CALL with me by clicking here.

 I had to find out more when it came to investing in my business development

Are you ready to find out more about how we can help you on your health development?

Craig “book your call with me” Culkin 


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