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Back Pain will be experienced by 80% of us during some point in our life time. In total 41% of total work sickness related absence is due to Back Pain. Between 2015/16 the amount of days taken as sick for back pain accumulated 8.8 million days within the UK.

Statistics have shown Agriculture and Construction had the most work absences due to Back pain, compared to Human Health and Social interactive work which represented a reduced percentage. Agriculture and Construction workers have 1 in 5 workers absent due back pain. Health and Social interactive work have 1 in 6 workers off work with Back related pain. The study which worked to analyse Work Related Musculoskeletal injury demonstrated overall results from a proportional per 100,000 population within each working sector.

The study analysed five overall age categories, men became prevalent compared to woman within each category even though marginal. The Back Pain statistics show between the ages forty five and sixty five a greater risk and prominence of Back Pain.

Between the ages 16 - 35yrs 10% of the working force suffered from Back Pain and received a doctor note for medical clearance from work. In comparison with the elderly working sector above the age 45 yrs of age 25% of the working force had been signed off work with Back Pain issues.

Manual Handling showed greater exposure of Back Pain with awkward body positioning second in the work place. For every 100,000 work employees 16,000 were signed off at some stage with Back Pain, secondly awkward positioning in the work place represented a 1 in 25 work absence.

The Lumber spine (Middle spine vertebrae) showed an excessive amount of GP referred absence from work. Concerning were the results, it showed a 20% significance rise compared to second place in representation in work related injury with wrist injuries in the work place.





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