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As you all know I'm  client consultation manager Max Andrews and part of my job is to make sure everybody is On track. Part of my job involves me continuing with my professional training, so I decided to attend a course at Loughborough University.

The course was a weekend course and I was rearing to go, I was looking so forward to the new experience of gaining knowledge to share with all of you upon my return.

I checked in at my hotel after my hour flight over to the UK at Birmingham City airport. I located my hotel room and it looked great, comfortable with all the accessories I needed.

I arrived the Friday in preparation for the course which began on Saturday. I went to bed but my bed turned out to be so uncomfortable, I felt like I was sinking in quick sand.

I eventually went to sleep, awaking the next day after four to five hours sleep with a back spasm across the middle to lower section of the back.

It was comical me and my twenty fours years of youth bordering an eighty year old walking to the bathroom.

So, I had to do something about it, facing all of these new people in two hours time left me in a slight panic, are they going to be empathetic to this immobile twenty four year old, I doubt it!

Luckily for me I know some anti spams exercise which have worked before for clients. I managed to palpate the lower back and release the nodule by gradually applying more pressure on the area.

I tell you the spasm dissipated itself within a very short period. The best part for me was saving myself from pure embarrassment, Thankfully!






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