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Nutrition is a topic in itself, and may health practitioners will advocate certain diets. In truth it can be daunting, bewildering and hugely complicated with so many diets out there no wonder why you are lost. 

The important aspects are we keep healthy, we eat good clean ingredients, now this is a start, but what is clean, what is healthy?

Some foods which are classified as clean and healthy have been tampered with even if to minimal affect. When a food is tampered with usually pesticides are used which are chemicals usually used to kill rodents. 

Preservatives also prolong food life, but the chemicals which are used draw chemicals into the body through digestion.

So being healthy we can eat a mixed amount of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. The pivotal part of this here is we eat foods which are processed minimally. Foods which contain credible nutrients but processed are not as particularly healthy as you may think.

We do need to remember being healthy will encompass numerous aspects. We will consider the following factors to be healthy these are calorie content, calorie amount and the processing process of foods.

Next time when we contemplate the choices of food we desire, if we contemplate clean and healthy ingredients alongside the less contaminated we will look towards more organic produce.

This however does not mean food is more expensive, be wise, be clear, be precise. Food is not expensive because it is organic, do some research and compare prices and also, and most importantly check the quality of the food!

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