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Training when we are knowingly pregnant will need some sort of thought, we no longer are part of the normal continuum, Priorities change, most often we find ourselves with modified posture even though temporary, we move out of body alignment.

The back arches, we no longer have a tight core musculature. Relaxin the hormone is secreted which presents a challenge in itself. Previously we strengthened the abdominals and crunches are a fantastic exercise you may think.

We need to perhaps access the training philosophy we aspire too, we need to have a serious contemplation of what really is necessary to us, for a realistic perspective we need to first of all outline the importance of finding postural neutrality.

Neutrality of posture during pregnancy will reach a stage during pregnancy were it will be lost. The local muscles which are deep tissues muscles located near the spine and inner abdominal contracture like the Rectus Abdominals.

The remedy is not now but after pregnancy, we for the time being need to find alternative exercises to address our needs. We need to consider the lack of core engagement being an issue, so we need to consider how can we engage the Pelvic Floor muscles alongside dispensing any compensations which will be highlighted in the movements we do.

For one, we must consider over head movements due to the lack of shoulder mobility, and secondly, we can exacerbate the lumber spine arch, and with the abdominal frame lengthened we are not engaging the core musculature.

Also, and this may be for you to have some thought, when we lie on our back during the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the Uterus will naturally lean towards our right hand side and this compressing the right inferior and vena cava hence restricting blood flow to the baby. We can consider supine exercises on the floor but only before the sixteen week mark.

Overall, we need to negotiate a safe exercise path for pregnancy, and therefore exercises are dependable on the trimester stage, and also, how developed the female is with motor recruitment for their core.



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