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Our tongue can indicate our degree of health and what we may or may not lack. Simply by looking at the tongue we can see the colouration which will signify it's health. A combination of factors will dictate the tongue colouration including digestive, Hydration and Nutrition among others.

To determine from the colouration how our health is, we firstly need to be aware of what tongue colouring may mean for someone.

A tongue which is whitened with a layered coating can mean several things, firstly, indicatory a white tongue would be caused due to bacteria, fungi and dead cells. Another factor is Leukoplakia which is a formed white patch which is on the tongue resulted from smoking and drinking alcohol. Although not dangerous it can lead to a cancer diagnoses long term.

Oral Lichen Planus is a condition which is an immune system malfunction which is often responsible for white patches on the tongue. Pain is not common unless the degree of OLP is proven to be more severe. The origin of cause is unknown, however, treatments would be antiseptic plus steroid sprays.

A strawberry like coloured tongue is found to have several causes including vitamin deficiencies and resulted conditions such as Scarlett Fever and Geographic tongue.

Folic Acid and B12 tend to influence the tongue becoming red. Scarlett Fever is an infection which attacks the bodies immune system. Normally accompanied by thrush but treated easily with anti-biotics. Geographic tongue often are red dots which migrate around the tongue.



1. Low Pretreatment Lymphocyte-Monocyte Ratio and High Platelet-Lymphocyte Ratio Indicate Poor Cancer Outcome in Early Tongue Cancer.









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