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Mobility is the ability to move freely within Joint articulation and the Musculoskeletal framework combined. Movement is something we learn from the day we are born, we grow into movement, and the way we live life perceives how well we move!

The ability the brain has is remarkable, we adapt to the clarities we gain in movement, if we are active or not, the range of mobility will desirably suit our habitual needs.

We can fit a purpose of increasing mobility, culminating factors will reason with us being us, when we look at the Peripheral Nervous system we look at combinative nerves which link to tissues forming the tissues current Neural output to musculature framework.

when we look at Mobility we see our level of movement become controlled to the extent of the Peripheral Nervous System. If the body is injured movement will become restricted from the good will of protecting ourselves, we are speaking of the controlling mechanism being the Peripheral Nervous System which comprises of the nerves leading to the Spinal Cord and Brain.

When a person becomes rigid in terms of joint articulation and Musculoskeletal movement we are under the Peripheral Nervous System control. Our tissues control movement more so than the Musculoskeletal framework.

We can train our nervous system to accustom its new relationship with our level of Mobility. We need to improve the symmetrical function of the body, improving flexibility and the degree of articulation, and range of movement within the Musculoskeletal framework.

We can relate to a number of issues which will distort the degree of movement, we may suffer from a debilitating Neurological issue, or we could perhaps lead a particular lifestyle which we possess as a sedentary lifestyle.  

The Spine is a fine example of mobility, we will see the spine rotation appear in both directions, one side may be restricted more so then the other, the cause of restrictiveness will appear with the opposite side of the back appearing short. We may see tissues on one side become overly dominant compared to the opposite side of the body, The Nervous system will have accustomed itself to having more of a one sided dominance, this is caused by how we sit, and we then leave our muscle in spasm which gradually would become short if the creature of habit in us accustoms itself.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in which we discuss the reasons behind

1. Muscle restrictiveness

2. Joint Articulation

3. Spinal Mobility







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