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We may have tried all the diets out there or we simply lack the time of day to eat breakfast, consequently skipping breakfast becomes a regular feature in the life we lead.

So why is Breakfast so important? Breakfast is important due to the time period we have not consumed any food. We are in need of energy to kick start our day, by skipping breakfast our body will be without food for too long before we give in to cravings, the stomach rumbles and we cannot ignore the hunger signs anymore.

If we are in need of food we tend to consume more then we would usually need, and this is ordinarily the case we consume the excess we missed at breakfast and more.

We need to consider the fact when people say they don't eat much, well how do you explain the two large meals at lunch and dinner which double an ordinary meal to compensate skipping breakfast.

The fact of the matter is we consume food when we are hungry and the normal predicament is we consume far too much, why, we perhaps act out of habit and we gorge food without much thought, before you know it we have a sandwich, crisps and a piece of cake and before you know it the 900 calorie mark is reached, we have hit the half way mark for our daily allowance.

The negative affects of skipping breakfast is we are inclined to eat more food later on and we also disturb our blood sugar level, we will generally speaking see a rise in blood sugar levels which is provided by stored glycogen in the bodies tissues and liver to provide us immediate energy. We only maintain a Glycogen reserve of 2500 calories on average.

If we have a Breakfast which is a low glycaemic index food we will remain full for longer. The glycaemic index is the amount of carbohydrates content within food with respective responding blood sugar levels.

If we are choosing a high glycaemic index food we will most likely have energy which is immediate but not long lasting before we require more food for energy.









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