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The amount of times you hear a friend or family member tell you they are tired, they are tired for the majority of time and even lack energy to push themselves when training. We try and identify what the cause may be, we are stuck in a rut which looks set to continue. Nothing resolves our problem of fatigue, we maybe blame several things such as lack of sleep or working hours.

Well here is something for thought, did you consider reducing your calories on the current diet you are on to the surplus your body requires ...... now we are perhaps relating to something similar to what you are currently undergoing. 

The Harrison Bendickt is a calorie calculation to workout your calorie needs, the major priority using this method however is we only reduce between 15 to 20% of our calorie intake. Well we hear it many times people on 1200 calorie diets which is sometimes half their dietary needs, and we complain of being tired ... now at least you know why!

When we are at the gym we need energy to sustain us through any session. One study which was completed at Loughborough University conducted results which showed working at 70% V02 Max required no Carbohydrates during one hour of exercise when a two to three day Carbohydrate training load was needed (Desbrow et al, 2004).

It has also been found we store roughly 2500 calories in stored glycogen enough to supply a days worth of energy needs. When a person depletes their Glycogen reserve through fasting then starts exercising they will require sugary Carbohydrates as the Liver will be the last resort of energy once this reserve has been depleted we will begin to require food (Coyle 1991, Jeukendrup 2004). To simplify this it has been found a person will need to stop exercising on depleted Carbohydrate stores unless simple sugars are taken. 

So when you have no energy maybe we should contemplate upping the calories, we need to rethink our goals and set them properly with guidance and structure. We should not have to do this alone so go to somebody for guidance like a Trainer or Nutritionist.




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