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Muscle toning is a Training objective to many, the reason why will be down to the particular individual. It is a matter of asking the question which is far different from having your question answered, you would expect to have clarity in the answer given to you which this BLOG will wrap up nicely for you!! 

Muscle tone will not typify working certain body parts like the woman in the gym doing crunches, if you ask me she is wasting her time working this specific area. We need to concentrate full attention to more then the exercises we prescribe ourselves in the gym, we need to consider our diet and the way we live our life to permit results in Muscle Toning to come true. 

I would first of all rectify what many of you may be questioning, Muscle Toning is not about doing excess cardio and minimising food intake. We first of all need to start somewhere, so we will need at least a certain amount of muscle tissue build.

The answer to wanting better muscle tone is supplementing your physique with muscle tissue gains and Body Fat reductions.

If we look to deplete Body Fat stores we need to realise we need to partake in Strength Training. We need to stimulate muscle tissue growth with a moderate amount of Protein, and when I mean moderate we should not only consume Protein and cut carbs out entirely like some people do.

Enough Protein to sustain somebody would be 2.0 x KG in Bodyweight. If we are looking to reduce Body Fat content we do not necessarily need to cut calories, it maybe we just need to start training, upping the level of intensity to a level higher!

If we are looking to reduce excess fat though we should only reduce our calories by 15 to 20% in most individuals, if we are looking to deplete calorie intake anymore weight loss will be apparent initially and you will find your stomach gurgling in deprived hunger. Just remember to do things properly they take time, it is about lifestyle change rather then a quick fix.

Depleting calories too rapidly could leave you with muscle wastage, when you are next to measure yourself you discover your muscle tissue has decreased and the percentage of Body Fat has been raised due to the proportional weight loss.

Be smart, be good, be insightful, if you get your diet right and start a muscle building programme in the gym you have no reason not to be a success. Be the person who researches themselves, what you don't want to be doing is lying supine doing pointless crunches with a worthless diet and training programme surplus to your requirements in place. 

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