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Protein is a much needed acquisition in any diet, Protein is a source of energy as well as a form of replenishment after exercise. The argument of how much Protein should one consume stems from many people being unsure on how much Protein to eat. 

In reality we should consume a moderate amount of Protein which will be enough to sustain us and carry out normal bodily processes. The Protein we consume needs to be relevant to us in terms of the amount needed for our sport participation.

Once we find our calorie intake we can workout the Protein requirements for every individual, In terms of the Protein measures we will multiply our bodyweight in kg by a set amount to precisely see our objective gram intake. 

If we are an Endurance based person in recreational use we could be boxing or cycling several times a week, we need to make assurance our diet is best suited to fit the purpose of our activity. We will not require a high Protein intake but instead a higher Fat and Carbohydrate intake.

If we are in the instance an avid weightlifter who is aiming to develop muscle size (Hypertrophy) we will require greater Protein intakes. For each person amounts of Protein will be swayed differently. 

A few factors below determine Protein amounts!

1. Length of Activity

2. Intensity of Activity

3. Training Goals

4. Basal Metabolic Rate

Stay tuned for PART 2 on Protein requirements for Recreational Activity.


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