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The worst thing can be the contemplation of standing on those scales after two weeks on the new diet. It turns out you have not got what you want, rather then your weight come off by a couple of pounds, you are open mouthed at the two pound weight gain.

A dilemma is something you openly admit to being in, the psychological devastation, it maybe the case of yet again this has happened. The result of trying so hard, but again feeling the emotion of not succeeding can be too much.

Well, two weeks is not a great deal of time. You may feel alone and down in the dumps, how can this predicament get any worse. For many people it has been way longer then two weeks and we either see a slight weight gain or weight stalling altogether after months on end.

How can we rectify this problem is an important question which I will answer for you, but first thing is first contemplate what caused the weight stall in the first place.

I will signify several reasons why weight loss has stalled.

1. Have you depleted your calorie intake by too far, many of you probably do. The calories came off to begin with, and this epitomises the same old story of immediate success followed by a greater deal of time with extreme difficulty of stalled weight loss.

A couple of tricks to learn from the book, after consulting somebody who can guide you on the correct calorie intake, ensure you only reduce calorie intake by 15 to 20% of your daily needs.

The consequence of depleting any further calorie intake would result in your body consuming its own energy resources. The body will lose weight initially but due to the body needing to preserve energy and your bodily activity reducing due to lack of calories your body begins to preserve the resources of what is left.

A fantastic study world famously renown as 'The Minnesota Starvation Study' showed the results of American prisoners of war after a period of several months on a reduced calorie intake,  the men did not lose a great deal of weight, and due to the extreme deprived food intake the body showed it can retain its bodily energy to preserve for longevity.   

2. Are you somebody keen to transform your physique, you are defeated time and time again, food it just a craving you fall for?

This is the case with many of you can totally understand this perspective I speak of. You try a diet but relapse, food is just too good to miss out on. It maybe the confectionary section in your local shop is your guilty pleasure.

You are a Monday to Friday stringently focused objector, but the weekend we relapse due to feeling we have been good all week. If you are wanting to reduce weight this is the classic case of the weight stall cycle, don't let the cycle take you for a ride, make sure you get the kick start you deserve!

3. You are simply eating the wrong foods, and we excuse the problem due to not having enough time, trust me you deserve to treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated, fuel the engine with good food, find the time.

Dedicate time to yourself and your health, time is what you deserve, make sure you put the effort into losing weight, prepare your meal that is the best way, and simply you just need to make the time.

It is no good contemplating you need to lose weight and going on a half hearted diet, you need the empowerment to say ' I need to lose weight and I will do all it takes'!

Now that is the attitude to success!





















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