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When we suffer from a radiating muscle which is in spasm we ask ourselves how can we get rid of this? We may even contemplate going to see the Chiropractor after a few days due to the discomfort.

Well here we will explain a very easy solution which is a self applied solution to rid you of muscle tautness. A Therapy being used around the world today and gaining much popularity is Trigger Point Therapy.

A solution, remedy and cure to your problems which will allow you to feel free of Muscle tautness and restrictive movement.

Trigger Points are best described in 1992 by DRS Janet Travell and David Simons Abstract.  "As a highly irritable localized spot of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in a palpable taut of band".

Now here is the trick to cure your taut band of tissue which is causing you discomfort. The technique which has been applied by Neil Ashier since the 1990s is one for you to try out after your session at the gym.

If you apply direct pressure on the localised taut muscle and hold for six seconds and then release, give yourself a short time period of twenty seconds before repeating again for two to three more times. (Trigger Point Therapy 3rd Addition Neil Ashier)

This will trigger the release of the band of tissue, we will see however more force directed if the tissue is extraordinarily solidified.

An experiment conducted by (janda 2005) and ( Lewitt 1999) showed similar results with Trigger Point Therapies. Both experiments investigated muscles we use everyday which are classified as Hypertonic (Type 1 Fibres) and Phasic (Type 2 Fibres).

Hypertonic are fibres within muscles we use everyday compared to Phasic muscles which are explosive fibres. Muscles contain both elements of Type 1 and 2 fibres.

Hypertonic Muscles (Type 1 fibres) became more difficult to release when palpated, it was discovered periods of constant muscle contraction would therefore make muscles harder to dissipate.

Type 2 Muscles Fibres which are explosive became easier to palpate, and saw a greater increase of muscle release. (2005 and Lewitt 1999).

So your posture muscles holding you at the desk such as your Upper Trapezius crossing the upper part of your back is known to be often short or in radiated spasm. This muscle would then become more difficult to return to normal, and it would take an extended period of time to resume normality.

We now look at the Hamstring muscle group speaking hypothetical we utilise the Hamstrings during Sprinting, we will use Type 2 muscle fibres and therefore taut bands will increase, but (janda 2005 and Lewitt 1999) both abstracts discovered the Type 2 Fibre muscles will react quicker from being taut compared to Type 1 Fibre muscles during Trigger Point palpation.











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