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So this is my first BLOG post since our website has been revamped with all our NEW programmes

and packages. 


Today's blog is not too educate or info-tain you on HEALTH and FITNESS.

It is rather to let you know a little bit about me, Craig Culkin, owner and director of The Rock Fitness..

why I am in the health and fitness industry and the people we are looking to help.


You may want to sit down for 5 minutes lol...


Without boring the s%i@ out of you too much I have been in the fitness game for 

over a decade......


I have helped hundreds of people across the health and fitness spectrum...

helping people with goals from with weight loss, athletic performance, to medical reasons. 


I started out as a personal trainer in the Radisson Health Club whilst running the management of the club.  

This is where I learned my trade, made my mistakes and developed into the entrepreneur and trainer I am today. 


I have never been happy standing still, so in 2012 I brought the worlds fastest growing franchise from California 

to Jersey. Fit Body Bootcamp Jersey proved a massive hit operating from different schools around the Island.

Literally 100's of Islanders joined this unstoppable weight loss and fitness programme.


Whilst operating Fit Body I invested in a gym facility that is now called the ROCK FITNESS. After selling the 

bootcamp franchise at the end of 2015, I more or less had 9 months off work after becoming a Father to 

our beautiful twin girls Halle and Poppy Culkin. I have since had another little girl called Kitty. AS I write this

my 3 little girls are 23 months and 7 months respectively!


Fatherhood has changed me. It's certainly made me more tired lol. 

I was fortunate to spend a lot of time at home following the birth of our twin girls.




Becoming a Father has given me a little bit more direction in other areas of my

life, such as my BUSINESS.


It has made me realise the people I want to help and can help.


Fatherhood has been the best thing to happen to me but it's not been EASY.

Though I write to you as a fitness professional, fatherhood has had an

effect on my own body. 


There have been times when I have felt too tired to train..

There have been times I have ate c%a* just to get some food in me..


I have put a little bit of weight on and the jeans have tightened sightly..

but I have still been able to do something when I can, and this is the KEY.


The experience of bringing 3 beautiful girls into this world has made me realise

the health and fitness struggles people face when trying to balance work and family life. 


I get it, I really do and this is WHY I am on a mission to help Mums and Dads who have 

neglected their bodies and their health since becoming a PARENT.


If you are still reading has this happened to you?

How has parenthood impacted on your health and fitness, and your BODY?

How does it make you feel?


You need to be honest with yourself or its an uphill struggle my friend. 


The purpose of this first blog is not to sell you anything or provide 

the solutions that have helped me. It's just really to share my stories of being

a FATHER and FIT PRO that may resonate with you one way or another.


I am writing to let you know what's inspiring me to help others and this may 

include you.


I am writing to inform you I will BLOG once a week. 


It will contain stories of STRUGGLE, It will contain STORIES of SUCCESS. 

It will be informative and educating, or rather info-taining.


It will be simple and real without the confusing BS I see put out there at times. 

It will have the human touch that I believe will inspire you to take action one

way or another.


You may not agree with everything I BLOG or discuss and that's fine.

But there may be just one thing you take from one of my posts

There maybe something I write that touches a nerve,

there maybe something that might make you ACT. 


This something may lead you to do something HEALTHY that makes you HAPPY.

Something that may make you happier at home and the people around you happier. 


That is my REAL REASON, my WHY in inspiring others 

to lead healthier happier lives.


Craig "inspiring parents" Culkin



Feel free to email me at if you have any

questions. I do reply to every email I get. 











let you know what you can expect from these weekly posts.


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