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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - The ugly trend - we don't call it food it's Herbalife!

    The ugly trend - we don't call it food it's Herbalife!

    We all see that person selling what they call nutrition products to their friends, hey they most likely represent Herbalife! I tell you what a calamitous decision that is, to represent a company like them, this is like having your prom date cancel on you last minute and your gran take her place, yep embarrassing! So what exactly is Herbalife and Arbonne, well they are companies served to make people money, the people who buy the products work to get people selling for them, this is a business formed like a pyramid. The higher up the pyramid the more percentage of monies you get for selling what exactly? well, the stuff your pet dog would refuse to eat, oh yeah that is right, and dogs eat ....

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  • Teach Your Body To Move

    We have all seen the super flexible woman in the corner on a mat in the gym, flexible as anything but how can we get like that? For starters as humans we are born to be adaptive, and if we pursue interests young enough we can accelerate our progression. So in terms of flexibility we need to teach our body how it can best move. Each muscle will have an origin and insertion point for muscle attachment. There is an apparatus called the Golgi tendon organ and this detects length of muscles within the origin and insertion point of muscle tissues. You have felt that stretch reaching for the top shelf with your shoulder outstretched, well this will be the Golgi tendon organ which allows for ....

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  • Isolated vs Compound Exercise

    We all train with the mind set to attain a certain goal if it be short or long term. The way we set out to approach our goal transpires to allow us to be successful, or we may be doing something wrong and that is why we are not there yet. We have different factors that influence our training goals such as nutrition as one. We also need to be considerate of our training regime, what we do needs to be purposeful in our training sessions, and this is why an understanding in the type of exercise we dois fundamental to attain our end goal. When we speak of isolated exercises I would best describe this form of exercise as a single joint movement. We all see the typical bicep curling ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - New Blog Post

    New Blog Post

    The core is an instrumental part of human life, the core is fundamental to posture integrity, and responsible for allowing us to transmit ourselves through movement. The core is founded by the middle to lower back portion and abdominal cavity. We also include peripheral based integrities such as the hips and shoulders which also have an affect on core structure position and engagement. To ensure muscles fire properly we need muscles to have the best possible nerve engagement to project muscle contraction to its fullest potential. Our nervous system is responsible for obtaining the information we require to learn and to demonstrate movement. The frontal lobe in the brain is responsible ....

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  • The Effects of Alcohol Abuse

    Alcohol in association with adult sugar intake in the UK accounts for 11% of added sugar. Despite alcohol consumption containing sugar we often do not realise this but instead believe sugar is pertained from soda drinks and fast food. The association of high sugars pertained in alcohol come from beverages including liqueurs, sherries and cider according to Doctor Sarah Jones. The high associated sugar levels elevate insulin, secreted from the beta cells in the pancreas. Upon excess intake insulin down regulates and no longer can contain the demand of glucose (blood sugar). The excess build up of fluid accumulates in the bodies tissues, and often in diabetes urination becomes very common. ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - Tips on choosing Healthy snacks

    Tips on choosing Healthy snacks

    When we select a snack we need to be considerate of several things, the main priority for having a snack in the first place is to sustain energy levels. By introducing snacks this will enable us to restore concentration levels, and also provide the body with nutrients. For most of us we consume three meals a day alongside two snacks. So we have some example snacks for you to include in your day; 1. Banana is a snack commonly utilised for many of us during our days work. Full of good carbohydrates bananas moderately influences blood glucose levels. On average bananas are 105 calories, and a source of fibre with 3.1 grams. 2. Brazil nuts are a well balanced food with healthy dietary fat, ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - Crunches - A pointless exercise?

    Crunches - A pointless exercise?

    Abdominal exercises are often reaffirmed by people to be necessary in the fight against abdominal fat storage. In reality this truly is the major misconception in the fitness industry today. One must realise the body should be trained as a whole and not in isolation unless we are in general muscle weakness or recovering from injury. Abdominal crunches work the upper abdominal muscles and depress the diaphragm. The exercise is utilised to strengthen the upper abdominal muscles and more precisely the upper abdominals. The lower abdominal muscles pertain fat people find more difficult to get rid of. Abdominal fat will be more difficult to combat as we age. progesterone and testosterone in ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - Body Mass Index - what you need to know

    Body Mass Index - what you need to know

    Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement derived calculating a persons height divided by a persons weight. The (BMI) test validity has been put into question with regard to its reliability. The test will predict a scoring upon only one mechanism involving height and weight. The test can be indicatory of health depending on the composition of the person. We do however see components such as muscle mass not taken into consideration. The test is more reliable with subjects bearing an overweight frame the readings will become automatically more reliable, it must be said the subjects using this test must through some sort bear larger amounts of body fat for the scoring to read true. ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - Global Causes of Death

    Global Causes of Death

    Amounting studies have shown a considerable difference between commonly related disease between low and high income countries. The current trends have shown astoundingly the rate death in high income families is interrelated with gene mutated disease. In comparison low income countries have been affected greatly by infectious disease accounting for the two most prevalent illness related deaths. Figures released in 2015 have showcased the epidemical issues in low income countries, in terms of a given 100,000 population 80 deaths have been attributed by lower Respiratory tract disease, and an additional 55 deaths have been caused by Diarrhoeal disease. The other factors comprised ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - NPE UK & European Client of the Year for 2017 - My Journey

    NPE UK & European Client of the Year for 2017 - My Journey

    WOW ..... and what a good week it has been for the business! On Saturday we got recognised with the NPE UK & European client of the year award 2017 for outstanding growth in our business in the fitness industry. My name is on the award, but our Team of coaches Tommy Graham and Max Andrews deserve great credit and applause for all their hard work and efforts. I truly admire the passion they have helping people in their health and fitness quest. In all honesty, the last 12 months have been challenging. Raising 3 baby girls with my wife Kirsty Culkin whilst trying to grow a business when often sleep deprived…..well yes you got it, it has been exhausting. My own health and ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - A Clients Journey - Tor Mitchell Stirrup

    A Clients Journey - Tor Mitchell Stirrup

    Tor Mitchell-Stirrup is a member on our group training package, having only started coming to the gym in March with her son Ethan, Tor has embarked on a journey this year, losing weight, completing a marathon, and now competing in The Rock annual White Collar event next year. Tor started the year in January at thirteen stone, and a size sixteen. Deciding a change was needed, Tor decided it was the right time to lose some weight. In March, with son Ethan, Tor took part in The Rock 'Kids On Fire' classes losing an incredible two stone, and really enjoying the classes with Ethan. Tor made the next step joining The Rock group training package, training three times a week. Continuing to lead ....

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  • Genetics - Nature or Nurture

    Humans are created and DNA is inherently passed on to us from our parents. In relation to genes we have a gene each passed onto us from each parent. In total DNA will formulate but will it transpire to affect our behavioural traits, or the environment we are brought up in nurture our behaviours away from our genetic make up? The Jim twins are famous, a case study for behavioural traits we inherit in our DNA, separated at birth and then reconciled at the age of thirty nine years of age. Both twins discovered much interest in the same hobbies, also they had been married twice each to woman of the same name. This was a classic case of substantiated familiarity which both had a common ground ....

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  • Foam Rolling

    Foam Rolling is a form of therapeutic tool to break down muscle tissue which has become solidified. When we look at the instances as to why we would use Foam Rolling often people will inform you Foam Rolling is beneficial after Training or when they suffer from muscle spasms. Muscle tissue will go through several stages when finishing exercise, we need to remember trainingmuscle tissue to failurewillproduce the onset of muscletears, and we need to replenish our tissues with the right form of Nutrition, alongside this we may also need to alleviate muscle soreness by Foam Rolling on the area which feels the after effect of exercise. Foam Rolling is a good measure which will reduce and ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - Back Pain A Modern Day Statistical Review

    Back Pain A Modern Day Statistical Review

    Back Pain will be experienced by 80% of us during some point in our life time. In total 41% of total work sickness related absence is due to Back Pain. Between 2015/16 the amount of days taken as sick for back pain accumulated 8.8 million days within the UK. Statistics have shown Agriculture and Construction had the most work absences due to Back pain, compared to Human Health and Social interactive work which represented a reduced percentage. Agriculture and Construction workers have 1 in 5 workers absent due back pain. Health and Social interactive work have 1 in 6 workers off work with Back related pain. The study which worked to analyse Work Related Musculoskeletal injury ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - America - A Time To Tackle Obesity

    America - A Time To Tackle Obesity

    Donald Trump may have enough reason to be looking gloomy. The National Centre For HealthStatistics published 13 months prior to theinauguration ofDonald Trump the overallObesity statistics whichconcluded the severity of obesity inthe United States of America. During the period analysed (2011 -2014) the estimation and culmination of a number of studies averages 36.5% of American adults who were classified as obese.Three age groups had been categorized for the overall analytical study. The first of the groups analysed from the ages 20 to 39 years of age, this group showed the lowest prevalence in obesity among the 40 to 59 years old group and 60+ age group. Males aged between 20 to 39 ....

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  • A Little Story About Me - Back Spasm

    As you all know I'm client consultation manager Max Andrewsand part of my job is to make sure everybody is On track. Part of my job involves me continuing with my professional training, so I decided to attend a course at Loughborough University. The course was a weekend course and I was rearing to go, I was looking so forward to the new experience of gaining knowledge to share with all of you upon my return. I checked in at my hotel after my hour flight over to the UK at Birmingham City airport. I located my hotel room and it looked great, comfortable with all the accessories I needed. I arrived the Friday in preparation for the course which began on Saturday. I went to bed but my ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - Client News

    Client News

    Sue Powell embarked on her journey 17 months ago, the goal wasto lose weight. Seventeen months down the line and Sue is one stone down from her original weight. Sue is not ona diet, but Sue has made amendments to her diet. Sue has proven by improving your lifestyle you can be a better you, healthy, radiant and comfortable with the way you look. Sue trains four timesa week, in a small semi private Personal Training group. Sue has improved immensely, one barrier Sue overcome was the weakness she had in one of her Glute muscles, 23% weaker and now both Glute muscles are just as strong as one another! A fine example, howyou can change your body, anything is possible as long as you are ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - Finding The Balance - The Nutritional way

    Finding The Balance - The Nutritional way

    Nutrition is a topic in itself, and may health practitioners will advocate certain diets. In truth it can be daunting, bewildering and hugely complicated with so many diets out there no wonder why you are lost. The important aspects are we keep healthy, we eat good clean ingredients, now this is a start, but what is clean, what is healthy? Some foods which are classified as clean and healthy have been tampered with even if to minimal affect. When a food is tampered with usually pesticides are used which are chemicals usually used to kill rodents. Preservatives also prolong food life, but the chemicals which are used draw chemicals into the body through digestion. So being healthy we ....

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  • Pre Natal - An Evolving Adaption part 2

    Training when we are knowingly pregnant will need some sort of thought, we no longer are part of the normal continuum, Priorities change, most often we find ourselves with modifiedposture even though temporary, wemove out ofbody alignment. The back arches, we no longer have a tight core musculature. Relaxin the hormone is secreted which presents a challenge in itself. Previously we strengthened the abdominals and crunches are a fantastic exercise you may think. We need to perhaps access the training philosophy we aspire too, we need to have a serious contemplation of what really is necessary to us, for a realistic perspective we need to first of all outline the importance of finding ....

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  • Ante Natal - An Evolving Adaption Part 1

    When pregnant it is fundamental your approach to exercise is transitioned from what you did previously to accommodate your current needs. The structure of anatomy will alter somewhat with the Pelvic Floor, Abdominal wall and spinal position. Pregnancy, as it becomes progressive will start to bear a greater affect on the anatomical structure we bear. The predominant nature we see will involve the Lumber spine which is the mid section of the spine being concave (curved Inwards) with the Abdominal muscle length expanding with the ever growing development which will form it's thigh bones (Femur)within two months into pregnancy. The pelvic floor muscles will become elongated and therefore ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - What your Tongue tells you about your Health

    What your Tongue tells you about your Health

    Our tongue can indicate our degree of health and what wemay or may not lack. Simply by looking at the tongue we can see the colouration which will signify it's health. A combination of factors will dictate the tongue colouration including digestive, Hydration and Nutrition among others. To determine from the colouration how our health is, we firstly need to be aware of what tongue colouring may meanfor someone. A tongue which is whitened with a layered coating can mean several things, firstly, indicatory a white tongue would be caused due to bacteria, fungi and dead cells. Another factor is Leukoplakia which is a formed white patch which ison the tongue resulted from smoking and ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - Mobility - A way Forward

    Mobility - A way Forward

    Mobility is the ability to move freely within Joint articulation and the Musculoskeletal framework combined. Movement is something we learn from the day we are born, we grow into movement, and the way we live life perceives how well wemove! The ability the brain has is remarkable, we adapt to the clarities we gain in movement, if we are active or not, the range of mobility will desirably suit our habitualneeds. We can fit a purpose of increasing mobility, culminating factors will reason with us being us, when we look at the Peripheral Nervous system we look at combinative nerves which link to tissues forming the tissues current Neural output to musculature framework. when we look at ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - SKIPPING BREAKFAST AND SOMEHOW I AM OVERWEIGHT!


    We may have tried all the diets out there or we simply lack the time of day toeat breakfast, consequently skipping breakfast becomes a regular feature in the life we lead. So why is Breakfast so important? Breakfast is important due to the time period we have not consumed any food. We are in need of energy to kick start our day, by skipping breakfast our body will be without food for too long before we give in to cravings, the stomach rumbles and we cannot ignore the hunger signs anymore. If we are in need of food we tend to consume more then we would usually need, and this is ordinarily the case we consume the excess we missed at breakfast and more. We need to consider the fact when ....

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    The amount of times you hear a friend or family member tell you they are tired, they are tired for the majority of time and even lack energy to push themselves when training.We try and identify what the cause may be, we are stuck in a rut which looks set to continue. Nothing resolves our problem of fatigue, we maybe blame several things such as lack of sleep or working hours. Well here is something for thought, did you consider reducing your calories on the current diet you are on to the surplus your body requires ...... now we are perhaps relating to something similar to what you are currently undergoing. The Harrison Bendickt is a calorie calculation to workout your calorie needs, the ....

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    Muscle toning is a Training objective to many, the reason why will be down to the particular individual. It is a matter of asking the question which is far different from having your question answered, you would expect to have clarity in the answer given to you which this BLOG will wrap up nicely for you!! Muscle tone will not typify working certain body parts like the woman in the gym doing crunches, if you ask me she is wasting her time working this specific area. We need to concentrate full attention to more then the exercises we prescribe ourselves in the gym, we need to consider our diet and the way we live our life to permit results in Muscle Toning to come true. I would first of ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - THE ROTATOR CUFF


    The Rotator Cuff is comprised of four muscles which support the structure and function of the shoulder complex. The Rotator muscle group being located on the scapula (Shoulder Blade) allowing for a great deal of stabilisation with three muscles located on the posterior scapula and one on the anterior scapula structure. The anterior muscle which can be located on the Anterior view picture is the Subscapularis, responsible for muscle contraction when we are contracting the shoulder in horizontal flexion (Chest Press Example). The Subscapularis is often working in conjunction with the anterior deltoid (Shoulder) and Pectoral Major (pec muscle). The Subscapularis has been found to be in ....

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  • Are Sit Ups Really Good For Me

    Sit Ups are one of the most commonest exercises you will see in any gym! The questions remains though is it truly a good exercise, and if do, what makes the Sit up such a good exercise? We may even have doubters but why is this the case? All of these questions but nothing to answer for until you start reading this article! I will start by detailing why Sit Ups are done, the reason is to strengthen the Rectus Abdominals in many peoples perception. We engage the Abdominals placing more emphasis on the lower portion of the Abdominals on the upward and lowering phase of the exercisenaturally. The upper Abdominal on the other hand can be more difficult to engage due to the rib cage either ....

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    When we devise a Nutrition plan for sports participation we will require Protein and the amount of Protein will depend on the type of exercise we partake in. In the instance of Endurance and Strength based exercise we will notice a considerable difference in Protein amounts. When we are participating in Endurance based activities we will require a reduced Protein intake compared to Strength based activities. The recommendations for Protein in Endurance based activites are from 1.4 to 1.6 times per kilogram of weight. To simplify this model we would see an example of a 75KG male look to eat 1.5 times their bodyweight in Protein. We would see roughly speaking 112 grams of Protein be ....

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  • Weight Stall - My Dilemma

    The worst thing can be the contemplation of standing on those scales after two weeks on the new diet. It turns out you have not got what you want, rather then your weight come off by a couple of pounds, you are open mouthed at the two pound weight gain. A dilemma is something you openly admit to being in, the psychological devastation, it maybe the case of yet again this has happened. The result of trying so hard, but again feeling the emotion of not succeeding can be too much. Well, two weeks is not a great deal of time. You may feel alone and down in the dumps, how can this predicament get any worse. For many people it has beenway longer then two weeks and we either see a slight ....

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  • How Much Protein Do I Need?

    PART 1 Protein is a much needed acquisition in any diet, Protein is a source of energy as well as a form of replenishment after exercise. The argument of how much Protein should one consume stems from many people being unsure on how much Protein to eat. In reality we should consume a moderate amount of Protein which will be enough to sustain us and carry out normal bodily processes. The Protein we consume needs to be relevant to us in terms of the amount needed for our sport participation. Once we find our calorie intake we can workout the Protein requirements for every individual, In terms of the Protein measures we will multiply our bodyweight in kg by a set amount to precisely see ....

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  • Trigger Point - A Self Applied Therapy For Muscle Spasm

    When we suffer from a radiating muscle which is in spasm we ask ourselves how can we get rid of this? We may even contemplate going to see the Chiropractor after a few days due to the discomfort. Well here we will explain a very easy solution which isa self applied solution to rid you of muscle tautness. A Therapy being used around the world today and gaining much popularity is Trigger Point Therapy. A solution, remedy and cure to your problems which will allow you to feel free of Muscletautness and restrictive movement. Trigger Points are best described in 1992 by DRS Janet Travell and David Simons Abstract. "As a highly irritable localized spot of exquisite tenderness in a nodule ....

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  • Insulin Role in Weight Management

    Insulin is a Hormone which is secreted in the Pancreas. Insulin is released from Beta Cells which responds to presence of mainly Carbohydrates and secondly Protein. Insulin iscommonly knownfor its relation to Diabetes for being down regulated In Type 2 Diabetes. Insulin isthought to be entirely dispensed in Type 1 Diabetics but this howeveris untrue, we actually see incremental secretions of Insulin which is not enough to respond to intakes of foods. Studies have shown 20% of Insulin is present in Type 1 Diabetics. Due to the nature of Type 1 Diabetes many people with the onset of Diabetes from childhood will find it rather difficult to put on weight. The reason why weight gain becomes ....

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  • Tight Hip Flexors - The Modern Day Problem

    Hip Flexor Tightness A little bit of background
    Hip Flexor tightness has become a more prevalent issue in the modern day we live in. The matter of how we live, sitting at the desk all day, living the sedentary lifestyle affects your Hip health. The Hip Flexorsbecome short when we are often maintaining the same position, this position is when we flex our Hip. So, why do I suffer from tight hips
    Due to the sitting stanceposition most of us maintain during our everyday life we will contract the Hip Flexors. The Hip Flexors are made of two primary muscles which comprise of the main Hip Flexor muscle group, those being the Psoas Major and the Iliacus. When we are seated for a long ....

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  • Personal Training in St. Helier - The Rock Fitness - Breaking the Ice....

    Breaking the Ice....

    So this is my first BLOG post since our website has been revamped with all our NEW programmes and packages. Today's blog
    is not too educate or info-tain you on HEALTH and FITNESS . It is rather to let you know a little bit about me, Craig Culkin, owner and director of The Rock Fitness.. why I am in the health and fitness industry and the people we are looking to help. You may want to sit down for 5 minutes lol...
    Without boring the s%i@ out of you too much I have been in the fitness game for over a decade...... I have helped hundreds of people across the health and fitness spectrum... helping people with goals from with weight loss, athletic performance, to ....

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  • Personal Training and Group Training in St. Helier!

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    We proudly serve the St. Helier, St. Saviour, and St. Clement areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Personal Training, Group Training, Kids Fitness and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Twitter Instagram ....

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